Kent on Saturday Speak to Bill Oddie

ImageBy Dave Mairs, Deputy Editor.

It is one of the environmental horror stories of our time and, as the grim toll keeps mounting, there seems no end in sight to the slaughter of Africa’s big game.

The subject is tackled in the play Snared, being performed at The Gulbenkian in Canterbury this month. Set in Zambia, it features an African hunter who has been trapped by his own snare. As if his plight wasn’t gloomy enough, he has been found by an angry conservationist with a gun. The hunter has to plead for his life…. <<READ MORE

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In the African bush a hunter is confronted by an angry conservationist armed with a gun. As the poacher pleads for his life, we unravel the complex issues around wildlife conservation in this beautiful but dangerous land. Fusing live action with film, SNARED is… “evocative, provocative and deeply affecting” (BBC radio).

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