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13 thoughts on “Audience Feedback

  1. Very much enjoyed Snared. Really effective theatrical mix of video and live performance. The play considered a range of complex moral issues and was very well researched. Really stimulating discussion afterwards too. Excellent.

  2. Wonderful show and well done to all the actors involved especially to Manny, as it was his first appearance on broadway afterall.
    I found the show to be very thought provoking and emotionally charged. The use of the video backdrop was very powerful in producing a moving atmosphere and bringing the stage to life.
    Well done to all concerned in the production of the play in getting the conservation message across to a wider audience. Even though Africa is not in our back yard, what happens there or anywhere else in the world for that matter, has an effect on us all though the impact may not be obvious at first.
    They say time is a healer, but what the human race has done to planet earth has turned it against us. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye anymore. We must make a stand against the tyranny of destruction that is ravaging mother earth and the plundering of the innocent bystanders of both the people and creatures that live in harmony with her.

  3. Spent Valentine’s Day evening watching a truly stirring production at the Yvonne Arnaud’s Mill Studio – ‘Snared’. Performances Friday 15 and Saturday 16 February at 8.00 pm. Tel 01483 440000.

    A combination of live action and film, set in Zambia’s beautiful Luangwa Valley, ‘Snared’ explores the complex issues around wildlife conservation. To a poor African villager an elephant is ‘vermin’; to a British conservationist saving elephants is about the ‘sanctity of life’. This is strong stuff and one of the most stirring and thought-provoking productions I have seen for a long time.

    Brilliantly and movingly acted by Philip Poole, Victoria McManus and Manny Mvula; ‘Snared’ is very much about the painful truths and difficult decisions which must be made if we are to save what’s left of the World’s dwindling wild places and its animals.

    As someone who has had the privilege of visiting Africa several times and been up-close and personal with its wildlife, as well as meeting people of all kinds involved in ‘wildlife work’; I can recommend ‘Snared’ whole-heartedly.

  4. Hi. Just to say well done for your performance this evening it was very thought provoking. I did go through many emotions whilst watching and afterwards.

    Firstly afterwards my gut reaction was depression as I saw no hope for the wildlife in Africa. As an animal lover I hate to see any animal suffering including humans. I hate to see the exploitation of animals to satisfy human greed or twisted egos and understand the need of a local community to develop and protect their livelihood.

    It is all a bit of a not in my backyard scenario as other countries have exploited their own resources to extinction so the humans can thrive and have what they want. But in Africa it seems the wildlife and resources are exploited but not to the benefit of the common people. A double whammy of bad. I am hoping that they will find there was life on Mars just like our own and it was destroyed by humans who obliterated the wildlife and the planet died. Perhaps then the people who aren’t bad but do nothing will realise the options for the future are in their hands.

    Perhaps if we restricted reproduction and all lived longer like 200 years we d care more and do more for the next generation.

    In the meantime I think your play should be televised!

    Tracy Carby
    Animal Science Student
    Canterbury College.

  5. The talk back session was great, discussing the issues raised in the first half.

    This was a rare opportunity to listen to the ideas and expertise shared between the audience and the special guests – wish more time was allowed for this part of the show to discuss in greater depth all the points raised.

  6. Dynamic and passionate exploration of the complexities of conservation in modern Africa – congratulations to all concerned for a deeply moving and thought-provoking performance last night in Canterbury.

  7. This play is an entertaining effort to stimulate a debate around wildlife management and trade, with the actors delivering largely convincing performances. However, as a conservationist, I feel that the script could be improved in several areas. The key to effective conservation is to have the support of local people, yet the script was completely focused on two foreign characters who believed they knew what was best for the wildlife of Zambia. This to my mind would resemble Zambian people taking a stance on badger culling or fox hunting in the UK. Also conspicuously absent was the lack of a focus on demand as a key part of wildlife trade which is the one key issue the audience could have had a direct impact in. I also felt uneasy about the way how, when talking about sports hunting for example, conservation and animal welfare issues were mixed, when they are indeed very different subjects, one focuses on species and populations the other on single individuals. Lastly, even as a conservationist, I was uncomfortable with the righteous rhetoric that was adopted to describe conservationists, knowing that conservation has been responsible for issues such as the displacement of communities or restriction of access to natural resources. Overall, and although I consider that it is always important to bring wildlife-related to the forefront, a more informed discourse around conservation could have been adopted.

  8. It was a good theatrical piece. The mix of stage and screen was very effective. The dynamics between the characters was well written .The idea of the hunter and the hunted being in the same cage is great metaphore . I agree with the above , more of Manny would give the play another dynamic ! Lots of food for thought though. Thanks

  9. THEATRICAL EASTBOURNE REVIEW: 22 September 2012 15:29. By Steph B.

    Snared is primarily a strong piece of theatre, drama that happens to have a message, not a message with drama tacked around it. From the moment the charismatic Mangani appeared on stage, speaking directly to the audience, I was interested to see where we would be taken. I thought I knew my opinion on poaching vs conservation, but after the play and discussion yesterday, I am still thinking over the issues raised.

    The single bush camp set has been well thought out and constructed and its sense of claustrophobia intensifies as the play progresses. The backdrop doubles as a film screen where film clips are cleverly interspersed with the live action onstage. My only gripe (and I accept that it is unfair considering the budget) is that one filmed scene was obviously shot rather closer to home than Zambia. I was particularly impressed with the slick use of sound effects which was effectively done to heighten tension and pace the drama.

    All three actors convincingly portrayed their roles and avoided stereotyping, although some of their more impassioned dialogue was spoken fast therefore not so easy to hear. Hart and De Beers are rounded, complicated characters whose arguments flowed well and I am still finding it hard to believe that Manny Mvula is not a professional actor!

  10. I really enjoyed the play, it was very well written and superbly performed. My emotions were up and down as my loyalties went from the first character to the second then back to the first and so on. Very powerful and thought provoking, I would thoroughly reccommend to any body who has any interest in the preservation of African wild life

  11. A very thought provoking production. Could empathise with both sides of the argument, very powerful. Thoroughly enjoyed the show – wonderful perfomance from all actors

    • Thanks Tracey, we are hoping that we can stimulate a current issues debate along with raising awareness with our audience. We can’t sit on the fence but it’s time to grab the bull by its horns and hopefully steer it in the right direction for the health and benefit of all living beings. It may be hard for others to take, but we can’t please everyone and so we just have to press on!!!

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